Our Services

Let Only Service 8%
• Full market appraisal and valuation.
• Arrange for internal and external images of property to be taken.
• Widespread marketing on UK and International websites.
• Sourcing a suitable tenant.
• Full credit and referencing check the prospective tenant:
    1.Credit check
    2.CCJ check
    3.Character reference
    4.Employment reference
    5.Previous Landlord reference
• Prepare tenancy agreement and other necessary documentation. *
• Collect first months’ rent and 6 – 8 weeks damage deposit.
• Advice on tenancy deposit scheme.
• Advice on mandatory regulations for rental properties.
• Arrange gas and electric safety inspections. *
• Arrange professional cleaning. *
• Arrange inventory make & check-in with independent inventory company.*
• No fees due to us until the property have been let.

Rent Collection Service + 1%
(in addition to the services above)
• Collect rent in accordance with the tenancy agreement.
• Transfer rent to you with a statement on the monthly basis.
• Advice you of any rent arrears.
• Pursue tenant for any such arrears.
• Our fees spread over first 3 months.

Full Management Service 14%
(in addition to the services above)
• We will manage all communications from tenant (s)
• Arrange and manage all maintenance with your consent
• Carry out periodic property inspection (at least twice in 12 months)
• Arrange to pay for the service charge and ground rent, if applicable.
• Deal with Utility providers, setting up utilities for new tenants and closing accounts at the end of the tenancy.
• Organise a check out inspection with your tenant
• Negotiate dilapidations
• Arrange for repair, cleaning and refurbishment making your property ready for the next tenancy.
• Minimize void period by marketing the property couple of months earlier before the end of the tenancy.
• Our fees deducted on monthly basis through the course of the tenancy.

*extra cost will apply for this service, speak to your property consultant.

VAT applies on all services

If you have any queries in regards to our services then please let us know by calling 0203 667 4755 or
email info@archviewproperties.co.uk

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