Guide To Selling

Firstly take time into considering why you want to move. Sit down with a calendar and work out the structure of the period before you move. Clear planning and preparation at this stage will avoid confusion later on.

Step 1 / Prepare to sell Your Home
You need to get the house in the best condition you can. Any small DIY tasks that can be done without too much fuss should be first on your list. The idea is to create an inviting, light and bright space which could potentially become someone else’s home. It is possible to sell your own home, but it has to be said that most people prefer a professional agent to do it for them.

Step 2 / Choose a property professional
At ArchView Properties Ltd. we have re-sale and new home sales knowledge and experience to give you a hassle free assistance in selling your home. For our services we charge 2% commission from the value of the property. We would encourage you to solely advertise your property with us to save prospective buyers of getting confused.

Step 3 / Marketing your property
We will advertise your property on our website and most popular web portals like Rightmove and Zoopla for maximum exposure. High quality images will be used to show your property in the best light with a brief and full description should the prospective buyer choose to know more. Also the floor plan will be available with 360 degree views in some cases. A valid Electrical Certificate and our terms and conditions will be required prior to marketing your property.

Step 4 / Giving Access
We will require access information to your property for viewings. If it is tenanted, we usually conduct a bulk viewing with a 24 hour notice to the tenant or if your property is empty we are more than happy to hold the keys or you can leave it with the concierge giving authorization for our collection.

Step 5 / Receiving Offers
Purchasers are looking for a good deal in the same way you are, and may wish to shop around considerably. Seriously interested buyers will visit again and again to help them make up their minds. We will talk to them and find out their position with regards to selling their own property or arranging a right mortgage for them. Hard negotiation will surround the making and accepting of an offer. Whilst ‘haggling’ is frustrating it is part of the process of getting the price you need for your property. It is quite acceptable for you to say you will accept an offer less than your asking price until a better offer comes along. As long as you are direct with buyers they cannot really object. Finally, remember you have no legal obligation to sell until you do sign the contract.

Step 6 / Exchanging Contracts
This marks the point when your sale becomes legally binding. Breaking a contract at this stage would incur a costly court case. If you are buying a property of your own, ensure there are no expensive and awkward gaps between your sale and your purchase. You may also wish to check the position of the utilities such as gas, electricity, water and telephone and arrange their transfer to your buyer’s name.

Step 7 / Completion
Completion day should mean that the funds have been transferred between solicitors, and the buyers can collect the keys from us at Archview Properties office. Much bad feeling can be caused by leaving a property in a dirty or disorganised state. A simple exercise in empathy should make you want to leave the house in a condition that won’t cause resentment in its new occupants. You and the buyer should be quite clear about what fittings will be left in the house. Removing light bulbs etc. is generally regarded as rather petty and is best avoided. A nice gesture would be to leave a card and some flowers instead.

We hope that you found this guide useful however if you are still not sure about certain aspects of
selling your property then please email

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