Referencing Process

Click here – to see referencing guidance and information checklist.

If you are looking to rent in London you will be required to pass a certain criteria, provide a UK based guarantor or pay more rent in advance. Ofcourse the final decision would rest with the Landlord. This guide was created to give you an idea about referencing process, read on below in more details.

Once you have secured a property, your agent would request you to fill out a form which will be asking all your basic information like full name, current address, DOB, N.I number (if applicable), contact details and nationality.

We would also be asked about your previous landlord and his contact details and the property you have rented from him. In the instance when your property was managed by an agent then we would require their details to obtain reference.

To identify your affordability levels you will be required to provide your previous / current / future employment details. If you are Employed / Self Employed / Unemployed / Retired and etc… depending on you status what kind of referencing path you will have to follow. Date you will or have commenced your employment and the length of the contract. Your position in the company, staff payroll number, referee full name, referees email and contact number.

If you are Self Employed you will have to state what kind of business you are in and your company details, your income with accountant’s details if applicable and sometimes you will be asked to provide 6 months bank statements.

If you are a student, retired or unemployed you will be required to give some sort of security for the landlord which usually shown by giving a larger deposit or mainly 3 to 12 months’ rent in advance. Or if you have a UK based guarantor, who can guarantee the rent on your behalf to the landlord by signing a covenant document. Should you ever fall in rent arrears the guarantor would be liable to pay. These are the only two options you have. ArchView Properties will charge £100 per guarantor.

Finally you must state your next of kin and provide their contact information.

Click here – to see referencing guidance and information checklist.

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